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To help you perform at your best, you need equipment that completely fits and is comfortable for you.

To do your best, you need to feel your best. At Sockmine, our GripLock™ mid-length socks are perfect for those that like their socks to fit higher than their ankle.

Designed to prevent blisters, the mid-length socks are made using our very own innovative, patented and award winning Griplock™ technology.

This sock follows the exact contours of your feet, minimising any movement between the sock and the skin and removing friction from your feet, to help prevent you from getting blisters.

Understanding the discomfort and setbacks that blisters can bring to your training and to your performance, our GripLock™ mid-length socks are designed to prevent blisters from slowing you down.

Not only do they help prevent blisters, the socks are also elasticated to achieve the perfect fit and include extra padding in the heels and toes for ultimate comfort, control and total faith in your socks.

Our GripLock™ mid-length socks also use Coolmax® technology for extra breathability. This technology uses mesh fabric to wick moisture away from your skin, keeping your feet cool and dry no matter how hard you train.

Overall, our GripLock™ mid-length socks will:

  • Prevent blisters.
  • Completely fit and adhere to your skin, preventing movement and friction to reduce blisters.
  • Reduce rubbing and add extra comfort through padded heel and toes.
  • Leave your feet completely dry and cool with our Coolmax® breathable meshed fabric design.
  • Give you the ultimate fit and control.
  • Allow you to go further and faster for longer.

Made to be comfortable, our GripLock™ mid-length socks are designed to prevent blisters from interfering with your training. No matter what sport you use them for, our GripLock™ mid-length socks will make sure nothing slows you down, helping you set new personal bests by going further and faster for longer.

Tailored Sizing

Because one size never fits all.

Shoe Conversion Chart.

Sock sizing is made complicated by many misconceptions, and size ranges trying to accommodate too many people. Too big, and you get fabric bunching up, causing irritation; too small, and the sock will not sit or perform correctly on your foot.

Each of our sizes cover 4 UK shoe sizes only, from 2 up to 13½.

US Men's Shoe Size US Ladies' Shoe Size AUS Men's Shoe Size AUS Ladies' Shoe Size EU Shoe Size UK Shoe Size SockMine Size
3 4 2 4 35 2 2-3½
4 5 3 5 36 3
5 6 4 6 37 4 4-5½
6 7 5 7 38 5
7 8 6 8 39 6 6-7½
8 9 7 9 41 7
9 10 8 10 42 8 8-9½
10½ 10½ 42.5
10 11 9 11 43 9
10½ 11½ 11½ 44
11 12 10 12 45 10 10-11½
11½ 12½ 10½ 12½ 45.5 10½
12 13 11 13 46 11
12½ 13½ 11½ 13½ 46.5 11½
13 14 12 14 47 12 12-13½
13½ 14½ 12½ 14½ 47.5 12½
14 15 13 15 48 13
14½ 15½ 13½ 15½ 48.5 13½

Sock Leg Lengths

trainer, midi, crew, knee high.

All socks are sized based upon the foot size, but there is another factor to think about when buying socks: where it comes to on your leg. We categorise these into four main areas.

  • Trainer – finishes at around where your trainer does, below the ankle.
  • Midi – finishes just above the ankle
  • Crew – finishes just underneath the calf
  • Knee High – finished just underneath the knee


Keeps feet cool and dry.

Developed in 1986, Coolmax® is a technical fibre engineered to keep the wearer dry. The fibre's unique cross section absorbs and pulls moisture away from the skin, transporting it down tiny grooves in its surface. Once the moisture spreads across a larger surface area, the rate of evaporation of that moisture increases. This effect helps keep your feet dry and cool. Coolmax® allows us to create socks that are soft and breathable; perfect for optimal sports performance in warmer weather.

Fibre Compositions

what makes up the sock

The fibre composition details percentage by weight of each fibre contained in the sock. Technical socks often have a proportion of synthetic fibres such as nylon and elastane, as these provide durability and stretch to the sock. For a technical wool sock, you should expect around a 50% wool content.

Comfort Linked Toe Seam

flat seam for no irritation.

Bulky seams have no place in a sock designed for performance. The comfort linked toe seam is flat, so causes no irritation to the tops of your toes.

Breathable Meshed Fabric

increases airflow

Hot and sweaty feet are something which everyone battles with, especially in active environments. Our breathable meshed fabric is constructed so that it increases airflow to and from the skin. This allows the warm air trapped beneath the sock to escape, being replaced by cooler air from outside the sock. To aid this breathability, we strongly advise wearing shoes that also have a breathable mesh.

Reinforced Heel and Toe

durability in the heel and toe

The heel and toe of the sock is reinforced with additional synthetic yarns, which increase the durability of the sock making it perform better for longer.

Size Guide

Because One Size Never Fits All

Sock sizing is made complicated by many misconceptions, and size ranges trying to accommodate too many people. Too big, and you get fabric bunching up, causing irritation; too small, and the sock will not sit or perform correctly on your foot.

Each of our sizes cover 4 UK shoe sizes, from 2 up to 13½.

UK Shoe Size SockMine Size
2 2-3½
4 4-5½
6 6-7½
8 8-9½
10 10-11½
12 12-13½

Delivery & Returns

All You Need To Know

Order and Delivery Process

  1. Enjoy having a browse and shopping on our website.
  2. You add your SockMine products to the cart.
  3. At the checkout you add a coupon code if you have one to redeem.
  4. Pay for your order using everyone's best friend; PayPal.
  5. You will receive an email confirmation of your order (check your junk) and a confirmation from PayPal. With this you will receive an order number, please keep this for safe keeping if ever needed to quote to our Customer Services Team.
  6. The sock nerds and elves will prepare you order.
  7. The elves at SockMine will send you an email confirmation when your order has been dispatched.
  8. Orders are sent signed for using Royal Mail.
  9. You should allow 3-5 days for delivery but they're often received than sooner than this.
  10. If the order does not fit through the delivery address and no-one is in the premises, a card will be left notifying you on how to collect it.
  11. Orders are received and you can now enjoy an adventure with your socks.

Free delivery on orders over £25! Just select this option at the checkout.

  1. Ordered the wrong size or item?
  2. We accept returns on all items; no quibble and we always make this process as easy and hassle free as possible.
  3. Socks should be returned within 28 days in their original condition and packaging.
  4. Please return the delivery note we sent with the socks and attach a reason for the return and if you want a refund or an exchange.
  5. We ask you to take reasonable care of the goods you purchase while they are in your possession. This means that: you may inspect and try on the goods as you would try them on in our store but tags should not be removed from any item and the original packaging should be retained. Goods should not be soiled, torn or damaged.
  6. Once the return has been processed, you will once again receive an email.

Please send the goods to; Roy Lowe and Sons Ltd, The SockMine, Coxmoor Road, Sutton in Ashfield. Nottinghamshire, NG17 5LA All items are quality controlled and checked for any faults or manufacturing defects before they are dispatched to you. Should you receive an item that is not in perfect condition please contact us immediately. We do not accept liability for goods which are damaged or lost during return shipment to us.

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